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High-pressure experiment

Doesn't it experiment using the ultra-high pressure equipment which can compound a diamond?

Our company provides the service which uses press equipment.
I design the metallic mold and reaction container for exclusive use set by the form of a request article.


We are compounding the diamond using super-high voltage generator.

The domain whose pressure is 5-6GPa and whose temperature is 1300 to 1400 ℃ can be generated.
This press can secure comparatively large pressure and temperature generating space.
A high-pressure container consists of a pressure vessel of anvil and die,
and generates pressure across a high-pressure reaction room in anvil.
A pipe type heater is attached to reaction chamber and high temperature is generated by sending electricity between anvil.

The example of use
Development etc. of PCD which makes a diamond and boron nitride the main ingredients.

Bibliography : NGT 'Diamond tool`

1. Batch rental
The crystal of a diamond can be put in to ten pieces at one reaction.
Synthetic conditions become within the limits of our specification.

Expense : batch(\500,000)+dies/The design of reactor vessel(Tax omission \200,000)

2. Processing which limited quantity
It is suitable for performing a little reactions.
Synthetic conditions turn into only conditions of our specification.

Expense : Processing expense(Tax omission\100,000)Whenever it processes one piece, expense occurs.

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