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Privacy Policy

1. Collection of User information

We, Tomei Diamond Company, may collect on this website certain information on
the users.
For one, users may be asked on some contents to register their names or e-mail
addresses. Such personal information will be utilized for the purpose of user
identification or reference to who visits the particular services.
Certain information may also be gathered automatically by cookies, when a user
comes to some contents, and are stored in the computer. This information is
non-personal, precluding user's name or address that could identify him/her in
The information so collected will be utilized for the purpose of analyzing as to
which particular services users are interested in, or for an effective advertisement
on the website. Users, if reluctant, may set their computers not to accept such
cookies, which, they are informed however, may cause an interference with the
proper performance of some services.

2. Controlled Use of Registered Information

The information a user would enter for registration to some contents of this site will
be used for our efforts to develop and provide a product that would be more
attractive and/or more valuable for our customers. We will not disclose any
personal information to a third party without user's permission, or any information
whatever unless legally required or lawfully demanded.

3. Network Use of the Information

The information entered by a user and of the nature that can identify him/her is
held and some may be utilized for another personal service in our network, so that
we can notify the user that he/she has already registered the name or address.
Such personal information, however, will not anyway be disclosed intentionally to
any person or organization that is not our approved partner.

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