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@Special PCD/PcBN@

An order for some customized powders is also acceptable.
Increased the thickness of a diamond layer, a cBN layer, and the whole.

Diamond layer / cBN layer[mm] Total thickness[mm]
1`4 8`20
Please tell us particle diameter and the size by a use.
This is produced on order.

Example of a use
TDC-H specialty
Work rest
Nonmagnetic PCD

It is the material which sintered hard metal board to both sides of PCD.

There are various uses.

This is produced on order.

PCD dead centre
It has wear and abrasion resistance far higher than hard metal.

material for dead centre using PCD.

The standard of a producible size is as follows.

For details, please ask.

Diameter(mm) 12.2`41.0
Total thicknesses(mm) 19`28
This is produced on order.

Example of a use
Diamond dead centre

The best for using as ultraprecision machining.


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